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Wild male orangutan, Gagah, moved to safety of Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve

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Gagah – wild male orangutan rescued and released. Photo by Orangutan Foundation

The wild male orangutan, who was captured last week in the village of Pendulangan (read previous post), has now been moved to the safety of the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve.  Our vet, Dr Fikri, and our Reserve Manager, PakTigor, said the orangutan (who they have named Gagah – meaning handsome) was very agile, nimble and smart and so trying to dart and capture him was very challenging. Fortunately, Pak Uduk, our Assistant Manager, is a very able tree climber and is a good shot with the anaesthetic blowpipe. Eventally, he darted Gagah at the top of a tree. After a few minutes, when Gagah started to look weak, Pak Uduk and the team approached and managed to reach the orangutan’s hand. They led him slowly down from the tree.

The next day, Gagah was examined by Dr Fikri at the BKSDA office in Pangkalan Bun. Gagah is thought to be ± 20 years old and his cheek-pads are about 7 cm wide.  He is certainly one very handsome orangutan!

Examination of Gagah by Orangutan Foundation vet, Dr Fikri – photo by Orangutan Foundation

Gagah was given a clean bill of health and it was decided to release him in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve. During the journey Gagah looked nervous, often sound and shaking the cage, the whole time looking at the surrounding forests.

Transferring Gagah’s cage from speedboat to the Reserve. Photo by Orangutan Foundation

By late morning, the team had arrived at Camp Buluh, the site where Gagah was to be released. Due to heavy rains, Gagah had to wait in his cage for a few hours. Eventually the rain eased off and Gahah was finally released.  He immediately ran, very fast, to a tree and then moved to a more distant tree to leave the release team behind. In a very short time he was out of sight.

Gagah released and running for the nearest tree. Photo by Orangutan Foundation
Male orangutan Gagah disappearing into the forest. Photo by Orangutan Foundation

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Bornean Orangutan female

This fantastic opportunity and will help us to secure a future for orangutans, forests and people.

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– We will safeguard the carbon-rich forests that are vital for local and global human populations.

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