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A gift for orangutans

Make your donation count!  From this Monday 5th December at 10am (GMT) your online donations made via this link will be matched. Please try and donate as close to 10am as possible because the matching funds are limited. If you aren’t successful on Monday please try back each day next week starting at 10am.

Bornean Orangutan female

This fantastic opportunity and will help us to secure a future for orangutans, forests and people.

With your support:

– We can give orangutans like little orphan orangutan Steph a real chance of living in the wild.

– We can provide training and advice for Indonesian people living close to areas of orangutan habitat – helping them to develop livelihoods that aren’t detrimental to the forests, wildlife and to their future.

– We will safeguard the carbon-rich forests that are vital for local and global human populations.

Please give generously – we need you support.

Thank you,

Orangutan Foundation


Orangutan Rehabilitation and Reintroduction Workshop

Tomorrow sees the start of a 3 day workshop on orangutan rehabilitation and reintroduction at the Bogor Agricultural University, on the island of Java, Indonesia. The workshop will be attended by all stakeholders related to orangutan conservation issues but with a particular focus on those involved with rehabilitation and reintroduction. This includes, government agencies, private sector, academics, N.G.O.’s and individuals.

Pak Hudi, (our Programme Coordinator), Pak Tigor (Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Manager), Dr Fiqri (Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Vet) and Pak Uduk (Lamandau Orangutan Reintroduction Camp Coordinator) left Kalimantan today to attend on behalf of the Orangutan Foundation. They will share the Foundation’s experience of successfully reintroducing and translocating orangutans into the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve. We are also sponsoring the participation of Pak Eko Novi (Head of section II of the Natural Resources Conservation Agency of Central Kalimantan) whom we work closely with in the Lamandau reserve. 

Hudi will bring news on how the workshop went. We’d like to thank Lisa B for her donation of $50 and Matthew K for your monthly donation of $35 – thank you for your continued support!

Keep sending us your comments and questions,

Cathy -Orangutan Foundation UK office