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Earth Day and Water Day

Below are some photos of our booth at the Earth Day & Water Day exhibition at Palangkaraya (Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo) on the 17th of April, 2010. The Orangutan Foundation hosted the exhibition with the government conservation agency, BKSDA (Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources) along with several other organisations.
Palangkaraya Earth Day 1
The objective of the exhibition was to “voice out the caring, partnership and commitment from the community in the conservation of water, forest reserves, and sustainable natural resources.”
Palangkaraya Earth Day 2
There was a good turnout from the public, about 500 people. The children particularly enjoyed the orangutan mascot (as played by our Education Officer, Fadlik) and the environment films that were screened.
Palangkaraya Earth Day 3
Palangkaraya Earth Day 4
We distributed information about our EC-Lamandau project in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve and talked to people about the importance of conserving the Reserve, not just for orangutans but also for local peoples. 
We are continuing our Earth Day celebration on the day itself, April 23rd, 2010 at Sukamara with our youth organization, Green Organization. Activities planned include planting seedlings at the Danau Burung Post at Lamandau Reserve, environment film screenings, talks, and other conservation activities. 
June Rubis
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Reforestation in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve

June Rubis, our Programmes Manager, has sent an update on our reforestation programme in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. The internet connection from Pangkalan Bun, the town where our Indonesian office is based, is very slow and unreliable at the moment, so sending photos is proving a real challenge – all our staff in Indonesia deserve medals for their patience!

Just quickly though we’d like to thank those who have recently left comments, especially Linda who mentioned our orangutan adoption programme. If you’re interested in supporting our work in this way then please contact our partners, Care for the Wild International – adoptions make a wonderful gift!

Thanks also to Charmaine for giving our Volunteer Programme a plug!  We still have places available on Team 1, which runs from the 1st May to 12th June. If you want to visit Borneo, help in a direct and practical way and have an experience of a life time, then please get in touch with us.

Reforestation in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve –by June Rubis

 In 2009, with funding from the European Commission, we have successfully rehabilitated 120.5 hectares (with 34,834 seedlings from indigenous plant species) within the Lamandau River Reserve.

 Reforestation Lamandau 2009

Taking out Seedlings to be planted in the reserve

seedlings- lamandau 2009


Transporting seedlings lamandau 2009

Carrying seeds to be planted

planting -lamandau 2009

Filling polybags

Reforestation Lamandau 2009 - 2

Planting seeds into polybags

We have also planted 10,516 pinang species (type of palm) as a living reserve border at Sukamara. As well, we have planted 1200 seedlings at the 500 m buffer zone that surrounds the Reserve.

 watering seedlings -lamandau 2009

Watering seedlings during the dry season.

plant nursery Lamandau 2009

Planting seedlings into polybags

Reforestation Lamandau 2009 - 3

Transporting seedlings from Post Perapat.

Our current plans for 2010 include, rehabilitating up to 30 hectares of degraded land at the village forests outside the reserve. These are the same villages that we have been assisting in finding alternative sustainable livelihoods. The tree species chosen for this tree-planting project will be decided upon after discussions with the local communities.

All our thanks,

Orangutan Foundation

Orangutan Awareness in Borneo – ‘planting trees for the future’

Togu Simorangkir, director of Yayorin (Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia), our local partners, sent through some photo’s of their Orangutan Awareness Week activities. 

Yayorin’s theme for Orangutan Awareness Week 2009 is ‘Planting trees for the future’. They are targeting villages surrounding areas of orangutan habitat.

 Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia -school campaign

School Presentation – photo © Yayorin

Their school campaign involves presentations, mobile library, film show, quiz and games.

 Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia - school campaign

 Quiz and games – photo © Yayorin

Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia - Mobile library

Mobile library – photo © Yayorin

At the community level they have organised an exhibition, puppet show and film show. 

 Yayasan Oangutan Indonesia - Village campaign

Film showphoto © Yayorin

 Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia - Puppet show

 Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia - puppet show

Puppet show – photo © Yayorin

On Sunday 15 November, Yayorin we will be planting trees in Tanjung Putri village and in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve buffer zone. In total about 1500 trees will be planted by students and communities. 

 Yayasan Orangutan Indonesia - tree seedlings

Seedlings to be planted – photo © Yayorin

Yayorin will also be promoting “cheap in your own land” – a campaign to change the slash and burn agriculture method to sustainable permanent agriculture. 

 Yayorin OAW 2009 badge

Yayorin’s Orangutan Awareness Week 2009 badge ‘planting trees for the future’, which they produce and give away for free.

We’ll post about what we’ve been up to in the UK tomorrow, Orange for Orangutan Day – go on, go orange and support our work, it’s not too late!



Orangutan Foundation – UK office

Reforesting Orangutan Wildlife Reserve

Recently I accompanied a logistic run to one of our guard posts, Pos Danau Burung (or Bird Lake Guard Post – where the the recent fires were), in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve.

Logistics run to guard post

Getting supplies to Pos Danau Burung

We also had a surprise for them – lots of cake, from our previous meeting with government officials at nearby town of Sukamara. They were very happy with the impromptu tea!

Plant Nursery at Lamandau Wildlife Reserve

Post Danau Burung also happens to be one of our plant nurseries for reforestation at the Reserve. Our Reforestation Manager, Pak Isem, recently bought more seedlings from local villagers, totalling to about 20 different indigenous species of plants, including fruiting trees that will eventually help feed the orangutans and other wildlife in Lamandau.

Nursery Lamandau Wildlife Reserve

As you can see from the photos, the seedlings are doing very well. Currently, we are waiting for the wet season so we can plant these seedlings.

As well, we do need your support to help run our various programmes in Lamandau. With only US$15, you ensure that our field assistants are well-equipped. A donation of US$30 strengthens morale in our camps, with staff uniforms. Take a look at our donation box, and see what you would like to support! Thank you very much Matthew K, Brigitta S and Tal B for your monthly donations.

Thank you,