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Borneo’s Enchanting Forests

As the UN Year of the Forests 2011 draws to a close Arif Nugroho, the manager of Pondok Ambung Tropical forest Research Station in Tanjung Puting National Park (Central kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo), has sent this interesting report (which is almost poetic in parts) with images about some of the rarer treasures of the rainforest. Over […]

Today 10am (GMT) your donation doubled for orangutans!

Go to to have your donation to the Orangutan Foundation doubled for free today at 10am! If you aren’t successful today please try back each day this week at 10am. We need your support! A Big thank you from all at the orangutan Foundation in Borneo and the UK!

A gift for orangutans

Make your donation count!  From this Monday 5th December at 10am (GMT) your online donations made via this link will be matched. Please try and donate as close to 10am as possible because the matching funds are limited. If you aren’t successful on Monday please try back each day next week starting at 10am. This […]