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Why Investing in Forests is Win-Win for Communities, Climate and Orangutan Conservation

Yesterday, Ashley Leiman, the Orangutan Foundation’s director, was in Jakarta for the launch of a new UNEP report which explains why investing in forests is win-win for communities, climate and orangutan conservation.  Read the report, Orangutans and the economics of sustainable forest management in sumatra      Male Sumatran Orangutan – photo by Gail Campbell-Smith

Comings and goings in Tanjung Puting National Park

In July, we said goodbye to Devis, our Tropical Forest Research Station Manager. Devis had worked for us for five years and though he will be greatly missed we know Pondok Ambung will remain in good hands. Devis in the middle being hugged by Pak Hudi, our Programme Co-ordinator Arif (in green t-shirt), our new Manager […]

Spirit of Indonesia

Help save orangutans and their forest home and own a piece of unique art! Bid online now for our beautiful and unique orangutan, ‘Spirit of Indonesia’,  which is part of Jungle City Edinburgh 2011. The design is based on traditional Indonesian batik entwined with the biodiversity of the orangutan’s rainforest habitat. Proceeds from the auction of Spirit […]

Images of the orangutans return to Borneo

Here are a few photos of Kevin and Bobby, the two Bornean orangutans who are now back in Borneo  after being returned from Sumatra.The internet connection in Pangkalan Bun, Borneo has been very poor and unreliable -Pak  Tigor, the OrangutanReintroduction Manager managed to send these through.  Kevin and Bobby come off the plane into Pangkalan Bun, after a […]

Orangutans back to Borneo

Press Release Wednesday 21st September 211  Back to Borneo  Endangered Bornean orangutans return home from Sumatra. Two orangutans, which started their life in the wilds of Borneo, but ended up as pets in Sumatra have returned home. Kevin and Bobby, are male Bornean orangutans. Their mothers were almost certainly killed at the time of their […]

Spirit of Indonesia – Jungle City

‘Spirit of Indonesia’ is our beautiful orangutan that has been hand painted by Scottish artisit, Lex McFadyen. It is part of Scotland’s biggest ever outdoor art exhibition – Jungle City Edinburgh 2011 run by the charity, Elephant Family. Online bidding for the sculptures begins on 22nd September until 2nd October 2011. Proceeds from the auction of  ‘Spirit […]