Monthly Archives: February 2010

Environmental Education in Indonesia

Over the past year, the education team has been extremely busy. It ran education and conservation programmes for 34 schools, 12 villages, 7 government agencies, and one oil palm company. The activities, which are part of our EC-funded programme,  highlight the need to conserve the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve for all stakeholders, including the younger generation.   […]

Reforestation in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve

June Rubis, our Programmes Manager, has sent an update on our reforestation programme in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. The internet connection from Pangkalan Bun, the town where our Indonesian office is based, is very slow and unreliable at the moment, so sending photos is proving a real challenge – all […]

The Best Teacher and Best Mother for Orangutan is Orangutan!

Brian (adopted infant orangutan) and Rosa (the surrogate orangutan mother) are living in the forest surrounding Camp Gemini, in the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve. They are still being followed and monitored by two Camp staff (Utang and Winto). We met with them on Sunday not too far from the Camp, Rosa and Brian looked very happy. […]