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Butterflies and birds – diversity of life!

The Orangutan Foundation is proud to support Indonesian students conducting research at Pondok Ambung Tropical Forest Research Station in Tanjung Puting National Park, Central Kalimantan, Indonesian Borneo. We want to encourage and help young Indonesian scientists and researchers.  Yusi (at the front) and Harri (in the middle) conduting their research in Tanjung Puting National Park. Photograph by Brian MatthewsIn 2009, we […]

Exploding Fruit!

During the Steppes Discovery study tours (August and September 2009), Ashley Leiman, the Orangutan Foundation Director, played a joke with the “strange fruit” of Tanjung Puting (Indonesian Borneo) forest!The outside of the fruit looks very strong and hard. Ashley asked “who can break it with just your thumb?” The study tour participants tried to push their […]

Promoting Forests at Sukamara Fair, Indonesian Borneo

From the 17th to 24th October 2009, our EC-Lamandau Programme, together with the Environment Office of Sukamara (town on the Western side of Lamandau reserve), has been participating in the Sukamara Fair 2009. Our EC-Lamandau exhibition booth really stood out. It was a cheerful display with a drawing and coloring competition for children from the ages of 5 […]

A Wild Life!

Ashley Leiman, the Orangutan Foundation Director, Brian Matthews (wildlife photographers) and Eko Novi from the Central Kalimantan Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA Kalimantan Tengah) were all present for the release of a Malaysian sun bear and a young orangutan into the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve at the end of August 2009. Ashley Leiman and Eko Novi (BSKDA) pull the rope for […]

Fires still burn in Borneo

Dr Suwido Limin sent this email today with photos – we hope the rain continues to fall. Last week Orangutan Foundation sent out £5,260 to CIMTROP (Centre for International Co-operation in Management of Tropical Peatland) to support their ongoing efforts.   Dear Jack,  Fire situation particularly in Kalampangan is the worst during the el Niño this […]

Sumatran Orangutan Footage

Please follow this link to view a short piece on the Sumatran orangutans, with a focus on the Tripa Swamps, Aceh, Sumatra that appeared in,32187,1926657,00.html