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Lamandau’s orangutans -a healthy growing population!

Thanks for your recent questions and sorry for the slow reponse! News straight from the field is that Lady Di is healthy and is well enough to be released this Saturday!  I visited her last week and took these pictures. Borneo female orangutan -Lady Di and infant (photo:Orangutan Foundation)    Dr Fikri and the camp staff have taken […]

Protecting Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve’s Buffer Zone

Lamandau Ecosystem Conservation Partnership (LECP) recently helped facilitate meetings in order to increase protection to the Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve Buffer Zone Area.     Meeting between government and oil-palm companies faciliated by Lamandau Ecosystem Conservation Partnership (funded by the EU). Finally, on July 13 2009, the Indonesian Government Agency for the Conservation of Natural Resources […]

Newborn Orangutan – Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve

July is a month which makes those of us working in Lamandau River Wildlife Reserve happy because one orangutan has been born. Dedek, gave birth to a son and this is her second son after Delon. Based on information from staff in Camp JL, Dedek gave birth on July 10, 2009. Camp JL staff first […]

Orangutan Foundation Volunteer Programme

You’re probably aware that the Orangutan Foundation runs a Volunteer Programme (see Categories for past posts)  This year’s programme has been different in that we are working closely with our partners Yayorin on a water purification project in the Belantikan Arut region of Central Kalimantan. Belantikan is home to the largest remaning population of orangutans in […]

Orangutans in water

A recent newspaper article about orangutans in water encouraged us to dig out some old pictures taken of orangutans in water. Some go as far back as 1986. We thought we’d share them with you.   Orangutan wading through swamp water   The photo below was taken earlier in the year and is of a female orangutan called Siswi.

Lesson by MELU on Forest and Orangutan Conservation

Recently the Mobile Education and Library Unit (MELU), from our EC funded Lamandau Project, visited a local school to give a lesson about forest and orangutan conservation. More than 200 students of SMP 7 Middle First School in Pasir Panjang Village, Central kalimantan assembled in front of their school.      Enthusiasm was etched on […]

Update on Andi the Orangutan

Stephen blogged about the female orangutan Sawit and her adopted son Andi, back in January 2008, when they were released into Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. Andy was found injured in April and it is thought he was attacked by a male orangutan. He has been treated and kept in the quarantine enclosure at Camp Rusak. Having […]