Monthly Archives: May 2009

Compost and Forests – both important to our life cycles!

Meet Pak Roji. Pak Roji at the market He works on the Education Team for our Lamandau Ecosystem Conservation Partnership, as our Community Liaison. Pak Roji’s passionate about all things mouldy, and organic! He’s our compost expert, with a background in chemistry, and at least a decade of farming experience in Java. He currently works […]

Fire Fighting – Just a Duty or Dedication?

Last week the Central Kalimantan Agency for Conservation of Natural Resources (BKSDA) held motivation training sessions for their Forest Fire Brigade. They asked Orangutan Foundation staff to facilitate with this after the dedication they showed when tackling the recent fires that broke out in Sungai Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. Pak Eko Novi, the Head of BKSDA […]

Lamandau’s orangutans – meet Amoi and her adopted son, Richard.

Amoi, female Bornean orangutan, was released into the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve at Camp Siswoyo on July 14 2004. Recently Amoi is found in the vicinity of Camp Gemini, with her adopted son, Richard. Perhaps Amoi fancied a change of scenery or different companions! Amoi has a very tame nature and when the Camp staff order […]

Fire breakout near border of Wildlife Reserve

At the end of April, there was another fire breakout, near the Pos Danau Burung (or Bird Lake Post) that borders the western section of Sungai Lamandau Reserve. Map showing Bird Lake Post on the Reserve Border. Thankfully, at that time, our Programme Coordinator, Pak Hudi, was visiting the area with the Section Head (II) […]

HRH The Prince of Wales’ New Rainforest Video

HRH The Prince of Wales launched a global public awareness campaign last week to save rainforests. The focal point of the campaign is this 90 second public awareness film in which HRH The Prince of Wales appears alongside his sons and an array of well-known faces including Harrison Ford, the Dalai Lama, Daniel Craig and […]

Thank you Gemini Foundation!

Below are some photos of Dr Fiqri, our Lamandau vet, receiving the medicines funded by The Gemini Foundation. Dr Fiqri sorting through the newly received medicines. Our veterinary programme in Lamandau is kindly supported by The Gemini Foundation.

Our Earth Day Celebrations.

On the 22nd April Orangutan Foundation and Yayorin celebrated Earth Day with students from various schools at Sukamara, which lies close to the western part of the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. Together with the Yayorin Education Team, the school children took part in a full-day of activities, starting with ‘socialization’ or getting to know each other […]