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“If you had to know about me” by June Rubis (Orangutan Foundation’s Programme Manager)

The blog powers-to-be, who with an iron fist, gently encourages me to update on a regular basis, has informed me that a blog post featuring myself would be ‘interesting’. Alas, dear readers, because our vet has been busy in the field, and has not written new blog posts for a few weeks (which reminds me, […]

The Great Ape Debate

Please see below a summary of a press release by The Linnean Society of London and the World Land Trust.   On the 30th April 2009 at 18.00-19.00 British time, the World Land Trust and Linnean Society of London will host the widely anticipated ‘Great Ape Debate’. The debate will be streamed live onto the […]

Lamandau and Flat-headed Cat Photographed in Danum, Borneo

Chris and Maina in answer to your question about Lamandau’s carry capacity. Surveys took place in 1997/8, when Lamandau was gazetted, revealing an insignificant wild orangutan population. The Lamandau camp managers have always kept a record of every orangutan sighted and based on what we know we believe Lamandau has the capacity to take at […]

Supermarket Sweep!

Last Saturday afternoon, the foyer of a Brighton–based branch of Sainsbury’s supermarket played host to my first awareness & fundraiser day for the Orangutan Foundation. Myself (a past field volunteer and now intern for the Foundation), Dan (a past field volunteer and subsequently Co–ordinator for the 2008 Volunteer Programme) and my two very kind and […]

Stephen’s Farewell Party

We held Stephen’s farewell party on Saturday night, and various representatives from local NGOs and government stood up and described how much they enjoyed working with Stephen over the past years, and also what they’ve learnt from him. Stephen tried to hide a tear or two, but we noticed 🙂 Stephen proudly displaying a portrait […]

Your questions about Lamandau and its orangutans

Many thanks for your excellent questions and comments. Here’s the answers to some of your questions. Sheryl you asked about illegal burning – most of the illegal burning occurs at the southwestern side of Lamandau where it is prone to fires (vandals tend to set fires as to encourage new grass to flourish, and thus […]

Thank you Stephen and Farewell!

Tal B and Brigitta thank you very for your monthly donations and thank you Anne K for your donation of $100. It was Stephen’s leaving do (My Fun In The Forest Is Drawing To An End) on Saturday night – we await the photos! Meanwhile here’s a selection of photos of Stephen at ‘work’. Wishing […]

Orangutan gaining weight

Dr. Fikri, our new vet who works specifically for the released orangutans in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, put orangutan Zidane on a special weight gain diet last month. We are happy to tell you that Zidane has gained 3 kg and he is getting stronger each day. Our on-going protection for Lamandau continues with regular patrols, […]

Another encounter with a crocodile.

I don’t know what is going on this year. It seems crocodiles are keeping us busier than orangutans: this weekend’s little extra curricula activity was dissecting a large saltwater crocodile that died after being caught in a fisherman’s net. Stephen and Mr Hudi with the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus). An already unpleasant task was made […]

Saving orangutans in Indonesia

Orangutan Foundation and Yayorin recently hosted Jason Houston and William deBuys, photographer and writer for the conservation organisation RARE and below is a blog about their visit to Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, Kampung Konservasi and the surrounding village communities.