Monthly Archives: February 2009

Video Clip Featuring Wildlife of Tanjung Puting

Very quickly, if anyone would like to see Tanjung Puting National Park, one of the protected areas in which we work, then a short video clip has been released by a German film company who made a film about Tomistoma crocodiles last year. The narration is in German (which will probably be OK for our […]

Kampung Konservasi February Blog – Garbage!

The smoke from garbage burning started to hurt our eyes…million of flies swarmed around us…and the unmistakable aroma of garbage welcomed us as we drove into this local waste collecting location. A trash-picker moved quickly passed us toward the incoming yellow garbage truck; he wanted to be the first to find anything inside that he […]

Double Our Funds For Orangutans

To celebrate the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin, a philanthropist organisation, The Reed Foundation, has promised to double any donations made to five different wildlife charities through its charity website The Orangutan Foundation is delighted to be one of the chosen charities and donations will go towards our project ‘Protecting Orangutans and Rainforest Biodiversity […]

The People Who Look After The Orangutans

Having told you about Zidane, I thought you might be interested to learn a little about the people who are looking after him day to day. He and twelve other orangutans live around Camp Buluh which is supported by the Australian Orangutan Project and is one of six orangutan release camps the Orangutan Foundation operates […]

Zidane – Orangutan Back to the Forest

I am very pleased to be able to tell you that Zidane was re-release at Camp Buluh, in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, on 19 January. His recovery is down to the excellent care (which included two blood transfusions) he received from the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine facility. Zidane – male orangutan re-released into Lamandau Though […]

Indonesian Govt to allow peatland plantations

The article below appeared in the National section of the Jakarta Post on Friday 13th February and it causes great reason for concern. Govt to allow peatland plantations Adianto P. Simamora , THE JAKARTA POST , JAKARTA | Fri, 02/13/2009 10:02 AM | National The Agriculture Ministry will issue a decree to allow businesses to […]

Auction Finished

Congratulations Tracy Whitfield you have won the Orangutan Calendar signed by Sir David Attenborough for US$100.00! A huge thank you to you Tracy, to everyone who took part in the auction and to David Attenborough for signing the calendar. We are thrilled with the amount the calendar reached and the money, paid as a donation […]

Orangutan Calendar Auction Ends Today

Today is your last chance to own the wonderful Orangutan Calendar signed by Sir David Attenborough! Auction ends at 21.00 (UK time) today, Friday 13th. Danielle currently has the highest bid at US$80.0o. To make your bid leave a comment on the Orangutan Calendar Auction post. Thank you! Orangutan Foundation

Camp Buluh – Orangutan Release Camp

Camp Buluh is one of six orangutan release camps in the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve. Since September 2006, 13 ex-captive orangutans have been reintroduced at Camp Buluh and three wild orangutans have been translocated from vulnerable situations outside the reserve. Omang, one of the ex-captive adolescent male orangutans, seen regularly around Camp Buluh. After the incident […]

Going, Going, Gone!

Thanks Sherri for getting the Orangutan Calendar Auction started and to Pirjo and Dawn for adding your bids. Dawn you’re currently the highest bidder at $65.00. Come on surely there must be more people out there wanting this wonderful calendar signed by David Attenborough! The auction finishes this Friday (13th) and your money will go […]