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Orangutans and Holidays

Some months ago one of our readers asked after an orangutan at the Orangutan Care Centre & Quarantine called Roland. Roland Roland came to us on 28 July 2004. Today, he is a boisterous 23 kg youngster. I am sorry it has taken me so long to ‘track him down’ but every other time I […]

Reply to comment – orangutans in zoos

Amy thanks for your question. Without entering into a debate about the value of zoos hopefully I can address part of your question. Stephen is currently very busy but he’ll hopefully blog again at the start of next week. The assumption should not be made that just because orangutans spend a lot of time alone […]

The future of the orangutan – BBC Radio Interview

Here is the link to the BBC Radio 4’s science programme Leading Edge which features an interview with Stephen about the future of the orangutan. Stephen recently blogged about it in An Interview with Kusasi. The programme was broadcast on Thursday 11th December 2008 and Stephen’s interview is towards the end of the programme. Click […]

Reply to comments

A very quick reply to recent comments… Orangutans clearly recognise each other (Princess will always run from Siswi) but because they are generally semi-solitary and uncommunicative you rarely get the insight into whether there is recognition of a biological relationship. Regarding the drinking of milk, orangutans naturally have a high-fibre, low protein diet with huge […]

School Visit to Kampung Konservasi

“By listening I know; By seeing I understand; By doing I make a difference.” The children enthusiastically approached the two cows in their stable. In their hands were the newly-cut, fresh, green leaves. They waited impatiently for their turns, and their face lit up when the cows ate the leaves. Feeding the cows is probably […]

Orangutans and water – an unusual mix

Thank you for all your comments and I’ll do my best to respond to them soon. Another interesting thing happened on Sunday at Camp Leakey: Siswi almost completely submerged herself in water. Orangutans can’t swim though they do wade. The rehabilitated, ex-captives at Camp Leakey will also play with water but that is probably a […]

Interesting orangutan behaviour

Firstly, a big thank you to Brigiatta for your monthly donation and Maciej for your donation of $100. As you recently visited Tanjung Puting National Park and Camp Leakey this post should hopefully be of interest to you. In July, we discussed why the orangutan Riga shared her food with her mother, Rani. The reason […]

Camp Leakey Tanjung Puting National Park

Thanks to Georgina Kenyon who has written this short piece for us about her experience making the BBC radio programme. “It’s embarrassing to say but I can’t remember being that interested in orangutans…until I saw the big male Kusasi coming straight for Stephen and me at the feeding platform at Camp Leakey. What an animal! […]

An Interview with Kusasi

One of the rules of working around orangutans is to never get within arm’s reach of them.  On Saturday, in the middle of an interview with a journalist, I was horrified to find Kusasi less than 2m away and coming straight at us. If I was horrified, I dread to think what the journalist thought!  […]