Monthly Archives: November 2008

Fed Up…

To start with the fun stuff, I was over at the Care Centre today. As always I was saddened by the number of orangutans we have in captivity but I was still amused by some of their antics. Of course, I popped over to see Montana who I thought was looking particularly like King Kong. […]

Here, there and everywhere!

I hope the orangutans appreciate it! In the past two weeks, I have gone from Pangkalan Bun to Jakarta and back, Sukamara and back, and finally to Sebangau National Park and back; the last journey involving a cramped 10 hour overnight bus ride. In all that time, while I have seen their nests, I did […]

Orangutan driving a message home in London

Stephen is out in the field all week and so won’t have any internet access. Hopefully we’ll hear from him when he gets back. We thought we’d show some photos from last week. Helen, who volunteers one day a week in the UK office, has written a short piece about driving an orangutan around London […]

One year on…

It has been nearly a year since Stephen started this blog on the 23rd November 2007 and so far you have donated US$4,680 towards our programmes in Central Kalimantan, Borneo. This money has been spent on; buying medical supplies for the orangutans at the Orangutan Care Centre and Quarantine; for enclosure repairs (remember the escapees!); […]

Kampung Konservasi (November blog) – Sustainable Agriculture

An exciting development just happened at Kampung Konservasi this week that we would like to share. We finally published the first book on cabbage cultivation using the alternative agriculture method that we develop at Kampung Konservasi. Why is this exciting? The book is the result of long, hard work of our agriculture facilitator, Mr. Suwardi, […]

Orangutans in London.

Just received this photo and comment from Le Pain Quotidien (the sustainable and community-aware bakery and restaurant) who have been helping us celebrate Orangutan Awareness Week in London. I bet this wasn’t in the job description! “I worked very hard raising cash instead of hosting as it’s impossible to do anything in that costume. I […]

Orangutan Awareness: A Personal View

After my last my about the day at Camp Leakey I received a short email from the Office reminding me that I was supposed to be writing about Orangutan Awareness Week! Whoops. Sally and the Yayorin team will be able to tell you of all the activities. I thought I would offer a simple, personnel […]

The Origin of Orangutan Awareness Week – by Gary Shapiro, Ph.D. Chairman, Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative.

Todays blog is a guest post by Gary Shapiro, Ph.D. Chairman, Orang Utan Republik Education Initiative. Many orangutan groups work throughout the year to raise funds to support projects in Indonesia and Malaysia where wild and rehabilitant orangutans are found. But in 1995 when I was vice president of OFI, I began promoting the idea […]

Orangutans at Camp Leakey

I began my monthly report to the UK office by saying “as September was quiet, so October was busy” and I still think that was an understatement! We seem to have been on the go constantly since the holidays which marked the end of Ramadan at the start of October. You will be pleased to […]

Save The Tripa Swamps – Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme

Ian Singleton, Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme’s (SOCP) Director of Conservation, has kindly written todays post for this blog to mark Orangutan Awareness Week 2008. This last few years we, at the Sumatran Orangutan Conservation Programme (SOCP), have been kept very busy trying to save the Tripa peat swamps on the west coast of Aceh. Our […]