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Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud – my day out of the office.

One of the rules of blogging on Wildlife Direct is that you can not swear. I know that is only reasonable but it does rob me of my ability to completely describe yesterday. It was a nightmare. Trying to get to Sukamara, on the Western side of the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve, and back in a […]

Identifying Individual Orangutans

Paula’s question of how do we identify individual orangutans is a good one. In many ways, recognition is done as we do with people: it is the whole appearance which guides identity. As with chimpanzees, but unlike gorillas, orangutans have lots of individual differences. One of the features I find most useful is the “forehead […]

Siswi – Another Camp Leakey Character

Last week Brigitta asked me to give her regards to Siswi.  Unfortunately, I have not managed to get out of the office (hence this week’s blog, which has been more about individual orangutan histories than actual news from the field!).  However, I thought I would tell all of you about her because, like Kusasi, she […]

Monitoring released orangutans

I see a number of people have asked how we monitor the orangutans once they have been released into Lamandau. There is nothing technical involved: our field assistants follow the orangutans from sunrise to sunset (or as we say, “nest to nest”) everyday for a week. If after that time it is clear the orangutan […]

More orangutans returned to the wild.

Wow Kusasi certainly proved popular! Thank you for all the positive comments and nice to hear from you again Brigitta. If people want to see the film “Kusasi from Orphan to King” I understand it can be bought on-line from PBS. The other week I wrote that July was Pondok Ambung, our Tropical Forest Research […]

Kusasi a great great ape

I was pleased to read that some of you have seen the PBS documentary “Kusasi from Orphan to King” which was shown on PBS television in the States, on the BBC in the UK and ABC in Australia (I think it may also have been on Animal Planet). I think it is a great film giving […]