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Illegal Farming Inside Protected Area

Following on from my last post “Busy, busy, busy”, here’s some more detail about the illegal farming. The farm was obviously productive and well-maintained. It had a fence around it to keep out wild pigs and deer. Inside, bananas, rice, cassava and a number of vegetables were all growing well. Indeed, if our agricultural demonstration […]

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Hi Sheryl We aren’t sure why it says ‘comments closed’ on Stephen’s last post -I don’t think we have done anything wrong our end! Wildlife Direct are looking into it and hopefully it will be resolved soon. Many thanks, Cathy, Orangutan Foundation

Busy, busy, busy

Once again, I find myself in the unenviable position of having to apologise for the long silence.  I know I have neglected to keep you up to date with all that is going on in orangutan-land.  If I have an excuse it is only that I have been struggling to keep up myself.  June has […]

Thank you!

Stephen is currently in Jakarta so a quick post on his behalf. We have just received our donation’s report for the second half of May and we are extremely grateful to following people who have donated towards the Orangutan Care Centre’s enclosure repairs; Paula B $200, Maciej G $100, Sheryl B $25 and Hilary B […]

An evening walk in Lamandau Wildlife Reserve

“Hey Jak” I called over my shoulder “Are you following me or the path?”. “Following you” Jak replied. Not good. I wasn’t leading; I was merely walking in front. For the last 100 odd metres I’d become increasingly convinced we’d left the path and were following a pig’s trail through the forest. It was 5pm. […]