Monthly Archives: May 2008

Non-timber Forest Products

This morning we attended a meeting organised by the local forestry department. They are creating “An Inventory of the Potential for Non-timber Forest Products” in the local government district. Non-timber forest products, or NTFP, as they are referred to in conservation jargon, are an often used argument for the protection of forests. Local people for […]

A very rare crocodile

Compared with the week before, when I spent four days out of six in the field, this week seems to have been very office bound with only one visit to the Orangutan Care Centre. I guess that is what happens as audit-time approaches. One exciting thing did happened. Rene Bonke, a German PhD student arrived […]

Enclosure repaired but more work needed

Once again, thank you very much to everyone who donated to our request for funds to repair the orangutan enclosures at the Orangutan Care Centre & Quarantine. I was there today and can happily report the first round of repairs has been completed and the escapees are now back in their secure enclosure. The repaired […]

Sowing the seeds…

My every sense says the forests on the northern border of the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve are in trouble. Already split into thin fingers of forest, separated by degraded areas, it seems these forests are retreating not expanding. However, with the support of local communities, we have chosen this area as a reforestation site. A few […]

Thank you!

Wow – We have just received our donations report from 1st -12th May and we are delighted with the response to our Orangutan Enclosure Appeal to raise $3000. Thank you very much to the following people; Nancy M $50, Brigitta S $50, Cathy R $250, Anonymous $100, Derek F $200.00, Anonymous $1000, James G $100, […]

Trapped Wildlife

Releasing caged wildlife is rarely anyone’s idea of fun. Panic-stricken animals tend to lash out and they don’t have claws, teeth and talons for nothing. Which is why, yesterday, finding an eagle, a snake and two macaques caught in fish traps provided a challenging finish to the day. As always, I must apologise for the […]

Feeding orangutans – a new approach

“Why do you do it like that?” “That’s the way it has always been done.” One of the standards in orangutan rehabilitation is released orangutans are fed on a platform. Photos showing the feeding platforms that have always been used.   Everyone does it; as do we. But then we got to thinking there has […]

The Gibbon’s Gone

I felt really good about what we achieved today. Early, last week, an agile gibbon (Hylobates agilis) was delivered to the Orangutan Care Centre & Quarantine (OCCQ). The gibbon The story went he did not “belong” to the man who brought him to the Centre. Rather the man had caught the gibbon after it had […]

Palm oil, People, Bears and Banteng!

Dear All A few quick replies before the weekend to comments received during the week. Firstly, the thorny issue of “sustainable palm oil”. Cathy, at the Foundation office in London writes: “So far there is no sustainable palm oil from Indonesia or Malaysia. The Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) has said they hope to […]

Morning at the Orangutan Care Centre

As promised, I went to the Care Centre this morning to check on progress with the cage repairs. As requested, I also gave Montana “a nod”, as well as a bunch of flowers which he devoured. To be honest, I think he was more interested in watching the workman than in eating. His neighbours, however, […]