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Small feel of freedom

I had a great weekend but the home-coming was a little rough. As we have said, the orangutans at the Orangutan Care Centre & Quarantine (OCCQ) are let out to play and learn in the forest. That is good. When the orangutans let themselves out, that’s a problem! On Monday eight of the little, “less-than-adorable” […]


Stephen has been in Tanjung Puting National Park over the weekend visiting Pondok Ambung Research Station and Camp Leakey so we can look forward to hearing some interesting stories on his return! I have been reading through the past comments and noticed there are a few about volunteering or working with orangutans that haven’t had […]

Part 3: Protectors of the rainforest ecosystem

In my last few posts I have been explaining about orangutans and why they are dependent on the forests for their survival. However, the forests also need orangutans. I have mentioned that orangutans are primarily frugivorous and that they are experts at moving through the forest canopy. The combination of these factors makes the orangutan […]

Part 2 (continued) – A Vulnerable Species

Thank you very much for your continued positive comments on the last couple of posts. I am so glad you find them interesting. There are a few things I didn’t mention, such as how long an infant stays with its mother – whoops! Theresa is quite correct; a young orangutan will stay with his or […]

Part 2 – Vulnerable Species

Thank you for your encouraging comments. I shall continue! Orangutans are the slowest breeding of all primates and have the longest inter-birth interval, of any land-based mammal, almost eight years. The female orangutan reaches puberty at ten years and will normally have their first baby between the age of 12 and 15. (Photo by Andrea […]

Orangutans: Part 1

So far in my blog I have talked about the threats to orangutans and about our work to save them and their habitat. In my next few posts I thought it might be an idea to tell you more about orangutans, why they are special and why saving them is so important. Some of you, […]

We’re Back!

Apologies for the long silence.  I went away for a couple of weeks over Easter, timing my return to coincide with the next reporting period (which seem to come around all too often!).  We have to report on our activities, for both donors and the Indonesian Government, every three months and March ends the first […]