Monthly Archives: February 2008

Fire Appeal and Thank You

Stephen has been at the Lamandau Wildlife Reserve for the last few days but he sent a message saying that the streets in Pangkalan Bun, where the Orangutan Foundation office is, are hazy with smoke and there is still a very high risk to the forests. For those of you who haven’t seen Stephen’s last […]

Fires in Tanjung Puting National Park

I know you are still waiting to hear an orangutan story – for that I apologise. The post is written and will follow this one but I have been caught up in rather more immediate events. I wrote some weeks ago how little rain we have received, well we are now into our third week […]

Reply to recent comments

A quick post about comments. The EU directive banning flying on all of Indonesia’s airlines is in view of the recent aeroplane crashes which involved a number of EU personnel. The EU are requesting that Indonesian airlines meet international standards. Theresa, I will try and get some photos of the rubber cultivation and will then […]

Rattan & Eco-tourism. Finding alternatives uses for the Belantikan Forests

Thank you for your interesting questions about Belantikan Conservation Programme (BCP). You are right, Belantikan does need protection and we are looking for protected status, but we want this under local management with the involvement of the village communities. Protected status would then stop all legal logging and mineral extraction. We are working with the […]

Protecting the Belantikan forests and its orangutans.

Thank you Theresa S. and Faye B. for your most recent donations – your ongoing support is much appreciated. In the last few weeks we have received a few reports from the team in Belantikan on various fauna and flora that have been surveyed. They are really interesting so I’ll post about these soon but […]

All creatures great and small

I see the number of comments my posts are attracting has shot up. However, the comments also make me think you are a strange lot. Here I am supposed to be writing about orangutans, I tell a nightmare story about spiders and I get a deluge of replies! If you want more horrible spider stories, […]

Reply to recent comments

Thanks as always for your encouraging comments. I’m just going to respond to a couple questions from my last few posts -sorry to be brief. I haven’t seen Orangutan Island but I can see why its so popular. Orangutans are fascinating to watch – highly intelligent and very charismatic! We aren’t affiliates of Orangutan Island, […]

Tough Times

I apologise for the lack of orangutan news recently. I was at my desk for all of last week because every year, during January, we have to write up the previous year’s activities and prepare the work plan for the year ahead. These reports are then submitted to the Government. It is not without its […]